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The Health, Safety and Environment Committee is mainly responsible for keeping under review the development and maintenance of a framework of policies and standards which are used to assess, manage and where possible prevent health, safety and environmental risks.

Health, Safety and Environment Committee members

The committee comprises: 

  • Charles Watson – Chair

  • Simon Heale

  • Lynda Armstrong

  • John MacKenzie

Roles and responsibilities

The Health, Safety and Environment Committee's key roles and responsibilities include:

  • assessing the impact of health, safety and environmental issues on the Group’s stakeholders, and ensuring remedial action is taken in respect of any such issues where appropriate;
  • reviewing compliance by the Group with relevant health, safety and environmental legislation;
  • monitoring and assessing the commitment and behaviour of management towards health, safety and environmental related risks;
  • reviewing significant safety incidents, considering the key causes thereof and ensuring actions are taken to prevent similar incidents occurring;
  • facilitating the promotion by management of a culture of care and sensitivity towards the environment and communities in which the Group operates;
  • making proposals to the Remuneration Committee regarding appropriate health, safety and environmental performance objectives for executive Directors and certain senior managers and providing its assessment as to performance against such objectives; and
  • reviewing the findings of any internal or external reports on the Group’s health, safety and environmental systems.

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