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Our story so far...

Transformation timeline


A major restructuring is undertaken, including the disposal of mining, smelting and power assets in the Zhezkazgan and Central Regions of Kazakhstan. Retained high grade East Region mines. The Company is renamed ‘KAZ Minerals PLC’.

Aktogay oxide start-up

The Group’s major growth project at Aktogay commenced production of copper cathode from oxide ore in December 2015.

Bozshakol commences production

First copper production from Bozshakol project in February 2016. The mine produced 48 kt of copper and 64 koz of gold in the full year 2016.

Aktogay sulphide first production

First copper production from Aktogay sulphide in February 2017 with output of 65 kt of copper in the full year 2017.

Work begins on Aktogay expansion

Construction of a second concentrator begins, to double sulphide ore processing capacity at the Aktogay site.

Acquisition of the Baimskaya copper project

The Group completed the acquisition of the Baimskaya copper project, one of the world’s largest undeveloped copper deposits.

Track record of delivery

The Group faced significant challenges arising from Covid-19 in 2020 but continued its track record of delivery, achieving its annual copper production guidance for the 12th consecutive year.

Sustainability Timeline

Improved efficiency

• As the Group has grown production from its new open pit mines, the use of large scale processing facilities has improved efficiency and reduced the energy intensity of its operations

Improving safety and health

• The Group continues its focus on improving safety and health with the launch of enhanced management standards • Yubileyno-Snegirikhinsky closure process begins to restore and rehabilitate the land used for the mining site

Leica ‘GeoMos’

• Invested in Leica ‘GeoMos’ system to monitor pit wall stability • East Region Environmental Waste Improvement Initiatives

Pit wall stability

• Pre-split drilling and blasting at Aktogay to preserve pit wall stability • East Region Environmental Waste Improvement Initiatives

‘Goal Zero’

• In 2019, the Group launched a comprehensive new safety initiative, ‘Goal Zero’ aimed at reducing safety, health, and environmental incidents to zero. KAZ Minerals is committed to implementing further improvements to its robust safety management systems, training and risk management to achieve the ambitions of the Goal Zero initiative • Yubileyno-Snegirikhinsky closure plan completed, including rehabilitation of the site and forestry reclamation • Apprentice scheme launched at Bozshakol

In-pit tailings disposal at Nikolayevsky

• Transition to in-pit tailings disposal at Nikolayevsky. Switching from above ground to in-pit disposal improves safety and reduces environmental impact