Management personnel at the Almaty offices


Investing in our people

To create a strong, skilled and loyal workforce, we not only invest in educating and rewarding our people. We endeavour to treat everyone fairly and with respect. We are committed to improving diversity in our workplace, bringing people together with a wide range of viewpoints and backgrounds to strengthen our decision making and operational performance across the Group.

Strengthening our people's skills

Our employee training and leadership programmes build knowledge and skills among existing employees. This benefits the local workforce and reduces our dependence on labour from abroad.

Overcoming gender issues

Women can be hard to attract to mining careers so we are proud that 27% of our employees are female and 27% of senior managers are women.

Securing foreign national expertise

To address short-term skill shortages and gain from particular areas of expertise, we employ a small number of foreign nationals in Kazakhstan.

Chief engineer at work Nursery school built through our charitable work