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Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee is primarily responsible for determining and recommending to the Board the framework for executive remuneration and for determining, on behalf of the Board, the remuneration of executive Directors and certain senior managers.

Remuneration Committee members

The committee comprises: 

  • Lynda Armstrong – Chair

  • Simon Heale

  • Charles Watson

  • Michael Lynch-Bell

Roles and responsibilities

The Remuneration Committee's principal roles and responsibilities include:

  • determining and agreeing with the Board the framework for executive remuneration that ensures executive Directors and certain senior managers are provided with appropriate incentives to encourage enhanced performance and are rewarded in a fair and responsible manner for their individual contribution towards the success of the Company;
  • ensuring that the remuneration policy is appropriate and consistent with effective risk management;
  • within the agreed framework, setting and determining the total individual remuneration arrangements for executive Directors and certain senior managers, giving due regard to individual and Company performance, and remuneration trends across the Group;
  • approving the design of, and determining the targets for, any performance-related plans and the total annual payments made under such plans to executive Directors and certain senior managers;
  • determining any share incentive plan performance targets; and
  • determining the terms of employment and remuneration of each executive Director and certain senior managers, including recruitment and termination arrangements.

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