Employees above ground at a copper mine


The Board has overall oversight of KAZ Minerals’ strategic direction with respect to Corporate Responsibility (CR). It agrees and reviews CR KPIs on an annual basis and regularly monitors performance against those KPIs. The Board is also responsible for the approval of relevant policies, including health, safety and environment and ethical policies. The Group Health Safety and Environment Committee reports to the Board on health and safety and environmental performance. The Committee meets three times a year and every meeting includes a site visit to one of our operations. Our CEO reports to the Board on employees and social engagement issues, and is ultimately responsible for the executive management of all CR aspects. This includes monitoring the implementation of all relevant standards and policies, instilling a responsible culture within KAZ Minerals and ensuring compliance with relevant standards and regulation, as well as coordinating engagement with local communities.

More information about the role and responsibilities of the Group HSE Committee can be found here, and in our Annual Report and Accounts.