Employees above ground at a copper mine

Our approach

Our operations must manage their risks carefully to prevent harm to people and the environment. Being a responsible company supports our business strategy by enabling us to access capital, reduce operational costs, build good relationships with regulators and local communities, and attract and retain the best employees. In addition to managing risks, our business can enhance social and economic development in the communities where we operate, and we remain a significant contributor to the economy of Kazakhstan through our taxes, employee remuneration and spending. We continue to focus heavily on improving our health and safety performance, as a safe workplace is the minimum employees and contractors should expect.

Our goal is to run safe and efficient operations that meet regulatory requirements and international standards. Our operations manage risks to people and the environment locally, with Group oversight. The material health, safety and environmental (HSE) risks included in our Group risk management process are set out in our Annual Report. The Corporate Responsibility (CR) chapter of our annual report summarises our performance in managing these risks, and we report in more detail on all material CR issues in this section of our website.

Employees at work