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CEO introduction

At KAZ Minerals we place a high priority on our social and environmental responsibilities, which supports our strategy by helping us to maintain our licence to operate, manage reputational and regulatory risks, access capital, control costs, build strong stakeholder relationships and attract and retain talented employees. We seek to manage our impacts on the economy, environment and society across our value chain, from extraction and processing through to transportation, storage, marketing and the construction of new mining projects.

To address our health, safety and environmental (‘HSE’) responsibilities we have continued to strengthen the Group HSE function during 2015. Our aim is to embed the required culture within our organisation to maintain performance in the long term. The ultimate responsibility for oversight of the Group’s HSE performance rests with the Board. The General Directors of each of the Group’s operational units have a functional reporting line into the Group HSE team which in turn reports directly to the Chief Executive.

We regularly review our HSE reporting processes and seek to make improvements where possible. From 2015 KAZ Minerals has adopted in full the occupational injury and disease classification definitions published in January 2014 by the ICMM to report its safety and health performance on a comparable basis to those of its major global mining peers. The Group has also conducted a roll out of EMEX, a health and safety reporting tool, to streamline and improve the collection of data across its operations.

We have reviewed our environmental reporting in 2015 and taken steps to more closely align it with the GRI4 reporting framework, which is used as a reference when reporting environmental impacts. Where possible, the Group intends to progressively align its reporting with the GRI4 framework, a set of sustainability reporting standards published by the Global Reporting Initiative (‘GRI’). GRI is an independent organisation established in 1997 to create common standards for sustainability reporting by companies and governments. 

Oleg Novachuk

CEO KAZ Minerals PLC