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Bribery and corruption

Prior to the Restructuring, all employees in relevant positions, such as procurement, sales and those whose roles include interaction with the Government and regulatory bodies received training on our Anti-Bribery and Corruption Code and the relevant policies and we continue to provide training to new joiners.

Speak up helpline

Our Speak Up helpline, run by independent organisation Safe Call, was implemented in 2012. Poster campaigns to publicise the helpline are renewed every 18 months and anonymous grievances can be logged by Freephone or email. Every grievance is reviewed and investigated by our Head of Legal Control and a report is generated confirming the outcome. A summary of all reports is made available to the Audit Committee to demonstrate the nature of the grievances, the majority of which relate to human resources matters, such as unfair treatment.

The number of grievances raised through the helpline has increased every year since its launch, largely as a result of our continual marketing efforts to raise awareness and we will continue to promote the helpline amongst our employees and those doing business with us.

Contractual integrity and supplier conduct

As outlined in our Contractor Safety information in the Health and Safety section of this website, we expect all contractors to apply safety standards in line with KAZ Minerals’ internal policies. Contractor safety violations are monitored and recorded, and we provide training for contractors that work with us over a longer period of time.

Contractors are also expected to adhere to our Group anti-bribery and corruption policy, and they have access to our Speak Up Helpline.